About JDCO

Al-Jazira Development Factory for Concrete Products is one of the latest factories specializing in the manufacturing of reinforced concrete pipes and box culverts. Since its establishment in 2009, it has aimed to keep pace with the significant urban development witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The factory is Saudi-owned and managed in alignment with the goals of Vision 2030. The machines, equipment, and production methods have been designed and selected to be environmentally friendly, adhering to the principles of green concrete technology. The manufacturing process utilizes a consistent mix design that minimizes carbon emission and water consumption. Additionally, waste products are recycled during the manufacturing process to achieve the concept of recycling. The adopted manufacturing technology helps increase production rates, improve quality, and reduce costs. The factory operates on a schedule that surpasses traditional methods. Pipes, box culverts, and other concrete products are manufactured in lengths and weights suitable for transportation and installation. All reinforced concrete products, including pipes, box culverts, and inspection chambers, are manufactured in various sizes that comply with local and international standards and specifications.

Certifications and Memberships