One of the latest factories for qualified Reinforced Concrete products, specializing in the manufacturing of pipes and concrete box culverts and manholes with various textures and high-quality specifications that serve modern and diverse construction.

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Is to be the leading partner in providing high-quality concrete products for regional and global infrastructure projects through integrated and sustainable systems that ensure project workflow efficiently follows the plan.

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Reinforced Steel

Reinforcement steel is automatically shaped in our factories for all products according to ASTM international standard specifications.


Made from locally sourced materials that comply with international specifications and standards such as ASTM. The production capacity of concrete in our factories reaches up to 2000 tons per day for a single shift.

Green concrete

Green concrete has dual benefits in terms of sustainability and performance. By using recycled materials and reducing carbon emissions during production, Significantly reduces environmental impact. in addition to that, Their improved properties in terms of durability and heat reflection contribute to a longer lasting infrastructure structure and a cooler urban environment. Consequently, Green concrete represents a comprehensive solution for sustainable construction, It is a promise to everyone who preserves the environment.

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